Key Supply Industries

We provide a wide range of foreign worker consultants and management for Manufacturing, Construction, Plantation and Service Industries.

Foreign Worker Solutions

We are ready to consult and guide our clients to recruit and manage foreign workers according to their requirements.

Construction Worker

We provide recruitment service for construction Workers to in position like general Worker, Bricklayer, Carpenter, Bar Bender Worker, Mason, Plasterer, Pipe Fitter, Electrician, and Painter

Plantation/Agriculture Worker

We assist recruitment service for Plantation Worker to work as General Worker, Harvester, Nursery Workers, livestock Worker, Planter, Landscaping Worker

Service Worker

We had assist employer to recruit Service Workers to work as Janitor, Restaurant Worker, Hotel Worker, Wholesale Retail Worker, Food Processing Worker, and Dobi Worker

Manufacturing Worker

We had vast experience to assist an employer to recruit Manufacturing Worker to work as General Worker, Machine Operator Worker, Engineering Worker. Plastic Moulding Worker, Garment Worker, Furniture Worker, Electronic Factory Worker, Glove Factory Worker, and Printing Worker

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