Key Supply Industries

We provide a wide range of foreign migrant workers for various sectors – Manufacturing, Services, Construction & Agriculture. We have a pool of in house consultants who can provide advisory, management and administrative services for our customers according to the customers’ requirement.


Our vast experience in manufacturing sector – 30 years and above has made us mature, competent, effective and efficient in providing foreign migrant workers consultancy and advisory including management of foreign migrant workers.

We have data bank for positions – manufacturing specialist – process, failure analysis and calibration.

In the manufacturing sector, we have provided services in electronics, plastic injection moulding, PCB environment, garment, furniture, gloves and printing.


In the services sector, we supply – janitors, restaurant workers, hotel workers, wholesale retail assistants and laundry assistants


In the construction sector, we provide – general workers, bricklayers, carpenters, bar benders, masons, plasterers, pipe fitters, electricians and painters

Plantation / Agriculture

In the plantation / agricultural sectors, we provide – general workers, harvesters, nursery assistants, livestock coordinators and landscaping technicians

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