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With branches throughout major Malaysian cities, we’re well-placed to provide quick, efficient and comprehensive solutions for all your workforce needs. We train and orientate local and foreign workers, get them to and from your sites, and ensure their welfare is taken care of.

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Our consultancy services has you covered every step of the way - from the application process and coordination of foreign workers, relations with their respective nations’ Embassies or High Commissions, placement and repatriation, Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) schemes and other regulatory requirements such as FOMEMA and insurance coverage. We deal with the red tape - so you don’t have to!

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Our experienced and professional team has a wealth of industry knowledge to understand the unique challenges faced by each business. This allows us to better connect you with the talents you need to capitalise on opportunities and take your business to greater heights.

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience In Consulting


With a track record of more than 30 years of experience specialising in the Provision of Recruitment Management and Manpower Consultancy Services, we have earned an excellent reputation in providing professional services in handling our clients’ specific requirements and requests.

We have representative offices spanning across South East Asia - Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, as well as local branch offices throughout major cities in Malaysia. Our multi-national association with major registered agencies and official licensees from both local and overseas Human Resource Ministries enable us to continuously provide a wide range of services, choices, and categories of skilled manpower.

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Magnificent Emblem attained the international standard of ISO9001:2015 for the Quality Management System (QMS). We constantly strive to uphold the highest service standards - as numerous satisfied clients such as corporations who are all at the top of their respective industries can attest to.
Our systems have undergone vigorous and regular audits by standard compliance regulatory organizations like Reliable Business Alliance (RBA), formerly known as EICC.

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Winbond Blog

June 1, 2018

Fire Drill Training

The fire drill training in collaboration with Jabatan Bomba is made necessary to raise awareness among residents who come from different countries to be familiar with the response plan in any event of a fire breakout. Residents must be vigilant and able to respond to the sounding of the...


April 13, 2018

Dormitory Development Plan

Driven by a passion to care for foreign workers, we adopt a holistic approach to providing quality community living for our residents. We will provide a safe and comfortable living environment, offering convenient services and desired amenities, and creating a healthy and active community through social and recreational activities...


November 21, 2017

Recreation & Social Activities For Workers

Regular recreation and social activities for workers has a significant relationship with life satisfaction and productivity. Participation in outdoor activities and physical activities promotes physical health well-being and good mental health. Inter dormitory telematch, festive celebrations, education trips create healthy interactions which can help build social harmony and positive...


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